What to Consider when Buying a Used iPhone


Everyone wants an iPhone but they are not easy to come by as a result of their expensiveness. It is very rare for an iPhone to be on sale. For anyone that wishes to have an iPhone without paying the full price, buying a used one can be the best option.

You can save quite some money by purchasing a used iPhone, but you must consider if this tradeoff is worth. If you are seriously considering buying a used iPhone, here are some things that you need to check before making a purchase.

Consider your Carrier before Buying an iPhone

Generally speaking, all iPhone models starting with used playstation 4 will work on all phone company networks. However, it is important to know that AT&T’s network uses an extra LTE signal that others don’t which can mean faster service in some places. This means that if you buy an iPhone that was developed to be used with Verizon and use it on AT&T, you may have limited access to the extra LTE signal. Ask the iPhone seller to offer you the model number so that you can check its suitability to your network carrier.

Ensure that it is not Carrier Locked

Even with the right refurbished electronics, it is a good idea to call your phone company before buying to confirm that it can activate the phone. In Order to get this, ask the seller for the phone’s IMEI or MEID number and then call your carrier and give them that number; they should be able to identify any problem.

Storage Capacity

It is quite alluring to settle for low prices, but beware of the fact that most of the refurbished iPhones are not the new models and have less storage space. The latest models offer up to 26GB storage for your music, photos, and other data. Often, you will find the cheapest models with storage spaces of 16GB which is quite small; ensure that you don’t buy one that has less than 32GB buy as much storage as you can. Know more about electronics at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/laptops-electronics-ban-flights_us_58d04b51e4b0ec9d29dea4de.

The Battery Life

Since the iPhone battery is irreplaceable, make sure that the battery life of any used iPhone you buy is good. A lightly used iPhone should have a decent battery life, but one that has been used for more than a year should be checked. Ask the seller many questions as you can regarding the battery and find out if they can install a new one before you buy. You can also check the return policies in case the battery turns out not to have a long life as they said.

Compare the Features to the Price

Be sure that you know the type of features that you are looking for when buying a used iPhone. In most cases, used iPhones are one generation behind and may not have the features that the current model has; just make sure that you are satisfied with what it has to offer. The price too should be worth what you are buying.

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